Chapter 18

CH. 18 Notes

Section 18.1

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CLICK over there --->>>  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Volcanic Drones

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Mr. Sabol at Ape Cave lava tube main entrance, Mt. Saint Helens, Washington state
Mr. Sabol - Ape Cave, Mt. Saint Helens, Washington

Ape Cave lava tube map, Mt. Saint Helens, Washington state


Obsidian knife blade
Obsidian knife blade: A knife blade manufactured from mahogany obsidian. The craftsman who made this blade had a very high skill level and was able to produce a serrated edge. Image copyright iStockphoto / Al Braunworth.

Obsidian spear point
Obsidian spear point: A spear point fashioned from opaque black obsidian. Image copyright iStockphoto / Charles Butzin.

Image result for obsidian jewelryObsidian jewelry
Obsidian jewelry: Obsidian pendent, a mahogany obsidian and snowflake obsidian cabochons set in sterling silver pendants.


Watch the following VIDEO on Mount Saint Helens.
**Get out your earbuds or ask the substitute to borrow headphones. 

VIDEO -- The Eruption of Mount Saint Helens