Earth Science - Advanced - Pd. 2, 4, 9

Course Syllabus: Earth Science 9 Regular / Advanced

TEXTBOOK READING (download onto your chromebook)  click the link below:


Science Reading Assignment:
     -- Interactives "Rock Cycle":    "CLICK HERE"

You should read every section of the Rock Cycle.  After completing all of the reading, you will need to click on the TEST YOUR SKILLS tab and enter your first and last name.  Answer all 15 of the questions and then click on "See Your Results".  A screen will appear (Rock Cycle Assessment Results) with your name and your results.  Take a screenshot of this page (it should show your name, the date, and your % score).  You will then email me ( )the picture of your screenshot before the end of the class period today (Thursday, Dec 10th).  You are expected to do your own work and answer your own assessment questions.  
THIS IS NOT A GROUP ACTIVITY ! ! !   You should not be sitting or working with other students.
No talking should be taking place during this activity.
It must be completed by the end of your class period.

S.L.O. info.  ==>   " CLICK HERE "

Pd. 5  -  S.L.O. post test   --   " CLICK HERE "

Pd. 8 - S.L.O. Post Quiz  --  " CLICK HERE "

Pd. 9 - S.L.O. Post Quiz  --  " CLICK HERE "